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i waa tagged by @Exoexo thank for tagging me la you!!! <3
Full Name: Stephanie Yerena .....i added this picture of me as a bonus.....i just love this picture that me hahaha :[]
Favorite kpop group: BTS (number 1 favorite group) B1A4 Got7 BigBang CClown Vixx Block B Exo .....i have more but these are my main... :[]
Where do you live: I live in Texas \(^O^)/ woooo
What do you want to be when you grow up? i want to be a.......water bottle thanks to kpop......jkjk i still dont know but so far i think i want to be a video game designer <3
Favorite Food: Any type i love everything :[]
Hobbies: watch my kpop do homework (cause i have to) be on vingle <3 listening to music hangout with my family and friends makeing weird yet awesome scenerios with @StarBabes watch tv playing video game playing with my little cousins danceing singing and play the guitar (before it broke) ...hehehe sorry :[]
3 likes.... (love) My Family My friends Music 3 dislikes.... (hate) People that are jerks Mistreating people and/or animals Lying
Something about me..... im Mexican i talk Spanish im 16 my family nickname is fish or fishy im really sweet nice and im really crazy...im childish like if you hangout with me ill bring the kid out in you i use my imagination a lot it makes life funnier and very fun hehehe :[]
i guess thats it hehehe thanks for tagging me again @Exoexo i love you <3
full name-virginia santos favorite k-pop grupo- super junior and epick high where do u live- Arizona i wanted to be a chef, but know dont know favorite food- mexican food and anything spicy , and romen Hobbies,-hanging out with friends, and just chilling amd watching k-drama s 3 likes- k-pop and k-drama, ,, cooking, , going to partys ,,, 3 dislike- lies,,, people with out maners ,,, and eveyone who harms a animals and kids,, am 25 (am old) i know Spanish , English , well thats it my life is boring
Gifs should be used! ㅋㅋㅋ Love it!
@ErinGregory Hahahah same
I love this idea, I like getting to see more of everyone and getting to know them a bit. 😄
We have all the same favs!! I want to be a water bottle too!! I love that last gif...and all the ones before it!
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