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Hi! Adikiller here with the results of the SHINee screenshot games. Lets proceed then shall we. Thank you @AimeeH for tagging me!
So.... My Best Friend is JongHyun I have a crush on Key (my sister will probably kill me faster than I can say Key) Oohh looks like I have a Secret Admirer who happens to be JinKi! Yay! Saranghae Onew! Apparently my Secret Admirer loves ice cream too much. Why you steal my ice cream Onew! Ah whats this? I have a fling with JongHyun? waeeeee? (inside: yay I scored with JongHyun). He even took me out. Isn't that sweet. Taemin took me to Bahamas....hahahaaa lol nothing happened there. My boyfriend is *drum roll please* the notorious Lee Jinki! 너무 행복해! I have beautiful babies with Onew. Aww they're really gonna be just as cute as their father. And heres the plot Husband is Minho. I didnt mean for this too happen Onew... Well these were my results. I dunno about a story including these lovelies, but I tried lol. If only my husband were Onew, I wouldve truly been pleased but oh well
It was my first time doing this. It was really fun! Looking forward to the next game
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OMG! Yes!! I love this!!! Thank you so much for participating!! I'm looking forward for your results!!