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Whether you have an unbridled optimism like Pooh, or are downtrodden like Eeyore, one thing is for sure: the fellas in Hundred Acre Wood have taught us a lot.
Here are five life lessons from our favorite little bear.

1. We all have hidden strength.

I mean look at Eeyore...the poor thing puts all this pressure on himself and lays down and just takes the brunt of living at full value. Still, he carries on. Much like us...when things are in our way we get past them, because we have to.
Winnie taught us that we have a lot more strength than we think. And when the going gets tough, the tough survive.

2. A little goes a long way.

We never know the inner struggles of those around us, and taking the smallest amount of time to recognize and help others will make all the difference. If Eeyore is any indication, we all need a little love now and then.
So help your friends and make the world a little better each day.

3. Always explore.

Being attentive to your surroundings can lead to discovery. Never count anyone out just because you think they're different or will have a different opinion. You must explore everything around you, because you never know what you'll find.
Imagine if Christopher Robin never explored the Hundred Acre wood? We wouldn't have this wisdom now would we?

4. If you love, you must let go.

We've all been in that situation where we have to choose between our personal happiness and the happiness of others. People grow apart and we change. If we hold on to something for the wrong reasons it's definitely going to backfire.
Taking a few steps backward and analyzing what is most important to your friend, partner or family member will ultimately lead you to the right decision, which will be of course, to lead them toward their happiness.

5. Keep your friends close.

Everyone needs a good friend, someone who can support them. Without those people we end up taking too much of the burden on ourselves, and that is never good. Opening up to friendship and letting it help you along is the best thing you can do for yourself.
If Pooh has taught us anything, it is definitely the value of friendship. I mean look at his crew, they're pretty much perfect, because of this fact. They're close and they translate that closeness into a happy place known as the Hundred Acre Wood.

What's your favorite lesson :) ?

oh, bother... these are some good picks. (fun fact: my auntie has an entire bedroom of her house didicated to Winnie the Pooh. She calls it her Pooh room. And yes, we have tried telling her why that's a bad idea."
I love #4..because we always want the best for those we love even at the expense of our own love
Yep, #4. It's the hardest thing in the world to do, though, isn't it? #2 as well. If only more people could think like this!
Aww @VinMcCarthy "oh bother" :) Makes me smile. hahah aside from that, I think your friend has a good taste in cartoons, maybe not naming things though hahah
@TerrecaRiley for some reason Winnie makes me really emotional. It's such a pure and touching amount of jaded perspective can change that. And yeah, I still watch it from time to time. It makes me smile, glad it helps you too!
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