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Getting to know me!!!!

So I got tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever. So let's start! 시작!
FULL NAME: Rhiannon Christopher Miller CHINESE NAME: 米思蕊 KOREAN NAME: 리 or 리안는
WHERE DO YOU LIVE?: I live in the U.S in Ohio
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?: So it may sound stupid but I want to be a performer or singer.
FAVORITE FOOD: hmm... pizza ...wait... no, mashed potatoes, No! .... burgers...mmmmm food
HOOBIES: +Dancing +Singing +Making & selling Charms and jewelry +Sleeping +Talking to kpop trashies +watching kdrama all day +listening to soft music in the dark ( try it is comfortable ) +watching kpop vines, crack,or fangirl ver.
3 LIKES: +Kpop ○ ㅅㅡ +Drawing +being under the covers during a storm
3 DISLIKES: +Rude people +homework +many other things...
SOMETHING ABOUT ME: ~ I am 15 (in a half) right now Umm...I wrote a card on this but.... BTS stopped me from committing suicide. ~I can be a very introverted person at times and then I can do a whole change and become a huge extrovert. ~I am allergic to gluten, wheat, rye ,etc. ~I have never had one of the instant ramen packets and I have never seen the Lion King. ~ I may not look like it, but I really love girly things. The funny thing is I used to be goth... ~Even though I like girly stuff I am not a big fan of girly music, I like HipHop and R&B. ~I am awkward af.....
If there are any questions you have for me or anything you want to know please ask!!!
@b1A4bts5ever tagging fairy 😄😄 @rhia hardcore army 😂😂 I would but beast is my main ❤❤ bts has too much energy for me to keep up with them it's a struggle but I love them 😘😘
are you going to ohiyocon? ?
@B1A4BTS5ever lol tagging master @Rhia don't call yourself ugly, you are a beautiful girl! Embrace it honey! *kiss*
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