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Heroes Reborn premiered last week. And when you sat down with friends to watch it you felt a strange rumble inside yourself. You were both excited and nervous. You were excited for the prospect of falling in love with another television show; one about superheroes in a real setting. But you were nervous that it was going to fall flat.
You remember when the original series had started. You remember how it was a breath of fresh air for you. You remember thinking that you would never get into a television show the way your parents did. But you were wrong. After you watched the first episode you were hooked. And this surprised you but you were happy about it.
You remember high school. It's true, you got along with everyone and most of the kids in your grade liked you but you still felt like an outcast. You'd go to school everyday, you'd try to talk to girls, and you'd make jokes with everyone. But you had this sinking feeling in your chest that probably, maybe you were better than what you were doing/where you were.
You remember sitting down in front of your television alone when the very first episode with a bag of Lay's potato chips or White Cheddar Cheez-Its (it was a weird time for you, your snack game was not as good as it is now) and feeling validated. You felt like Peter, like you could fly, but metaphorically of course.
You remember feeling like you could be doing something better, something exciting, and you felt like your life wasn't supposed to start and end in suburban New York. But back then, you didn't know how to deal with it. You just watched Heroes with your friends and felt better about yourself.
Ten years later, you're reunited with the show that got your through your last two years of high school (well, it was one of the things that got your through high school). As the show started your initial worries and nervousness went away. It wasn't the show itself, not really, not at all actually. You got this familiar feeling. It made you feel like a kid again. Your knees didn't ache and your back didn't hurt.
And as the show introduced new characters around the returning character (You will always call him HRG instead of Noah Bennett because well, that's how you used to refer to him on the message boards ten years ago even after his name was revealed) you looked around the room. You saw a new set of friends sitting next to you.
You can't really remember the last 5 years the same way HRG can't (you are trying to forget while he has been forced to forget) but you're going to start paying attention. You don't want to forget these new friends/new experiences. You don't want to forget this new life you have built for yourself.
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AHHH I love Heroes!!! still not sure how I felt about the new characters. but I could just be really biased because I love the old characters so much