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You may recognize Dascha Polanco's character named Dayanara Diaz from Orange Is The New Black. But she's just more than just an actress in scrubs! Polanco was born in the Dominican Republic, and raised in both Brooklyn and Miami. And her acting talent -- AMAZING!
Although she first doubted herself in acting because of her weight, she is definitely now in the spotlight for her role in OITNB!
On September 24th, the NFL hosted an exclusive NFL Style Showdown, in which Polanco attended, wearing black pants and a black jersey. She rocked her curves in a simple look!
In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Dascha Polanco talks about body image and expectations in Hollywood. "It was after I realized that If I want to change it -- I can change it. When I saw myself the first time in Orange, I was cringing because I looked so big," Polanco continued, "so I started working out. I am never going to be a size zero, and I don't want to be. I just want to keep it together."
It's definitely great to see a fellow Latina in the spotlight, who embraces her curvaceous body -- which isn't the standard in Hollywood. She also talks about how she is trying to teach her daughter to love herself for her. She encourages her daughter to be her best self, and not to aspire to become someone else. Sounds like Polanco is a great mom!

I am very excited to see more of Dascha Polanco on the TV screen and beyond! GO DASCHA!

I am in love with her! She's such an individual and a great role model for curvy girls everywhere, she's smart, beautiful and a great actress. I am totally on the Dasha train! That hair!!!
yesss she's amazing. and so freaking gorgeous! @TessStevens
Yes she is AMAZING! She is definitely one of my favorites on OITNB
I love her! And oh my goodness HER HAIR she looks so so so great. She's so talented. I love her character on the show