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Let me start off this card by announcing that I worked at Starbucks for an embarrassing amount of time. (Read: 8 1/2 years.)
I remember when I first applied for the job. I didn't really like coffee. In fact, I thought it was pretty disgusting. I figured, hey, I could just drink passion iced tea lemonades and chai lattes all the time. I'm never going to be one of those people who drink black coffee all the time.

Boy, how wrong I was.

Since black coffee is my lifeblood now, and since September 29th is International Coffee Day, I've decided to illustrate the ritual that takes up most of my average day - the 'Coffee High' Life Cycle, which goes as follows:

Phase One: Picking your poison.

So basically, you can tell how addicted to caffeine someone is based on what they order. Let's be honest - cafe lattes and mochaccinos are for people who hate coffee. And diluting your coffee with even the tiniest splash of cream is still being a total fence walker. If you're serious about getting a buzz, only espressos, americanos, and black coffees will do.

Phase Two: Ingesting said poison.

Personally, I hate hot coffee because you need to wait for it to cool down. The best part about iced coffee is not only is it (usually) the cheapest iced drink on the menu, but you can suck it down and be well on your way to caffeine-laced euphoria.

Phase Three: Waiting for it to work.

So there's going to be a little bit of time before you get that caffeine rush you've been waiting for, and that's okay. It'll come eventually. Unless, that is, you were rude to one of the baristas and they 'accidentally' switched your coffee with some decaf. (In such case, work on your attitude and repeat steps 1 and 2.)

Phase Four: The Wake of Euphoria.

This is when you first discover your powers. Remember that time Harry Potter went to the zoo with his cousin and realized he could communicate with snakes? Yes, the first stage of a caffeine high is discovering you can speak Parseltongue. Metaphorically, of course.

Phase Five: More Awake Than Awake

Suddenly, you are the best version of yourself. You're extremely articulate, creative, and insightful, and your logic is seriously on point. When you're more awake than awake, you're pretty much invincible. Also, you can also maybe read minds.

Phase Six: The Point Of No Return

After enough time making sense, you arrive at the point where you're not making any sense at all. You're talking a mile a minute in a very obscure language only spoken by meth addicts, kids in breakfast cereal commercials, and Richard Simmons. THERE'S NO TURNING BACK!

Phase Seven: The Crash and Burn

Suddenly, you've just collapsed somewhere. Maybe it's at your work desk, on your couch, or in the library at school, but what goes up truly must come down, and the same goes for your caffeine rush. You didn't think all that awesome was REALLY going to last forever, did you?

And how do you recover from the crash and burn?


You start the cycle all over again!

So is this true? Is this you guys when you drink coffee, or is it just a me thing? Let me know how you are when you drink coffee below!
(Quickly! Before my caffeine high gives out!)
@danidee Nahhh! I drink like 4 minimum a day. Just don't tell anyone.... I already jump off the walls!
@saraortiz2002 Bahahaha, are you one of those people who have to drink multiple coffees a day? Or so long as your one cup is nice and strong, there's no problem there?
YESS! I have been drinking my cups of coffee (I'm not even picky anymore, I just want caffeine, but I prefer an expresso) since when I was 3 years old with my mom. When I turned 8, I guess Mom realized I was going nuts, so she kinda stopped giving me, and completely stopped drinking herself, buuuut, my Dad was here to the Rescue!! He drinks like the whole coffee maker mug. Legit. So..... basically all my Elementary and Middle School ages, I was powered up by coffee..... Nice and warm.... Now, I basically protect my coffee mugs, and cups as if they were my own children....
@danidee I do but not for the high. I don't mind being sleepy after an all nighter.I'm weird like that...I'd rather drink juice and water all day
@danidee I used to lol...not so much anymore. Exercising gives me alot of energy.
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