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As most of you guys may know im going to the BigBang concert in New Jersey and when I first got my tickets I had everything planned out a ride , hotel etc. Well literally in the past 3days everything is falling apart. I cant get the hotel I paid for anymore because you have to be 21 to check in, the car we were gonna drive up there(my friends car) has a lot of problems now so we cant take that and on top of all that my friend has been going through a lot and had to go to the hospital today because her family was worried and I honestly dont know what to do. I love these guys more than anything and want to see them more than anything in this world because not only is this a once in a lifetime thing for me but I literally spent all my school savings on the tickets , hotel and my plane ticket and now its all falling apart :( the hotel thing I could careless about because it was only for the night anyway but the fact that now I cant find a ride and cant find someone who could get us a rental car I feel like now I may not be able to see them and its honestly killing me inside I did all of this and now less than two weeks away and everything is going wrong. sorry for all of this its just so upsetting I've wanted to see big bang since forever and now my chance may be slipping away.
@PrissyMidnight Thank you :) and i vouldnt find any that reserve to people under 21 but im definitely gonna make sure i get there because i couldnt live with myself if dont see jiyongi and the guys they are too amazing
I'm sorry! I kinda know how you feel though. My sister and I are going to the Vegas show and we leave tomorrow. We live in Missouri and are driving to Nevada. Our rental car fell through too b/c of miscommunication and due to some unexpected expenses it's now going to be very tight for the next few weeks. We've already spent so much for this, not to go isn't an option. I really hope everything works out for you and you get to see them. Hope your friend is ok too!
@SkullBunneh Thank You♡ and I know somewhat of the train systems up there the hard thing is since were gonna be going from Maryland the train system is different but good news is my friend is out of the hospital and we found a place to stay so looks like we get to go after all and im so excited
Damn girl I wish I could help. If I were the one driving I'd try to at least help u check in. But there's always public transport, especially the trains. I don't know how familiar you are with the train system in NJ and NY but it's fairly easy. Look up as much as you can about both places before u head up here. You'll find something. *hugs*
Best of luck girl! You will get there 👍😀... I too am having the most difficult time now that it is crunch time. Heading to the Vegas show. If we were going to the same show, I'd snag you up on the way. Sorry 😕. But do what you got to do, who knows when we will ever get to see them here in the U.S. again??? .... Take that car rental money and hop on a bus or train. Stay in a hostel, cheaper than a hotel anyway.... Make it work because it will be magical and so worth all the sacrificing we all are having to do just to get there. WE WILL SEE THEM AND DIE HAPPY lol 😍💖.... Have a great time at the shows you are attending VIPs ❌⭕️❌⭕️
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