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This is my first concert ever! I will be going to the NJ one on Sunday 10/11. I got the cheapest ticket so the seats are disappointing but I'm broke and being there is what counts right? How should I prepare for this concert? What are some things I should know before I go? What should I search or think about? (such as parking) How long will it last? WHAT SHOULD I WEAR AND BRING? and any tips? feel free to share
Im going to that one too!! just need to find a new way of getting there because my plans got messed up but im so excited
Wear something comfortable I haven't been to any full concerts before but I have been to Warped Tour, mini concerts in my hometown and recently the Highlight tour. Don't try to wear something flashy or super nice (unless you really want to) because you're gonna sweat. A full concert is a few hours long (I think) so its better to be comfy. Don't over pack but a backpack is a good idea. Fans might be handing out fan made items like photocards so its good to have somewhere to put it. I used a camelbag at the events I've attended (its good to have water on hand and its cheaper)
There is no way to prepare for a concert, you just gotta go for it and rock out and have fun (Don't worry what the people next to you are thinking because 8th your night, and you payed for it ) Concert Merch is expensive! ! Definitely bring cash (they do sometimes accept credit cards but if you're unlucky like me yours will crash :P) So yeah definitely bring cash it's a must The big bang concert is 2-3 hours If you already have. light stick then bring it because THE SELL OUT QUICKLY! ! So far as clothing just wear literally whatever you want I've seen people going in straight up copay and no one questions it :) TIPS: Buy water , you'll need it especially since your going to see Big Bang :D Parking next to the venue was $40 I don't know about other parking places , but directly outside of the venue is $40 Clothing tip: For Merch if you're a small they sell out fast so if you are a small get that and your light stick asap They don't allow recording devices into the venue so no Cameras , selfie sticks etc. You CAN bring your phone in :P And for particular concert your going to their is no such thing as a line so you can basically just stand where ever (you know what I mean when you get there lol) Those are just things I wish in knew before going into the venue . Have a great time !! :D