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Civil War is coming. And Stan Lee is picking sides.

There's probably no one else living that knows the Marvel universe as well as Stan Lee. He was there for the inception of many of our favorite characters, and he had a hand in bringing them to the 21 century. And while there are pros and cons to both sides of the debate in the upcoming Civil War film, Lee knows who he's siding with (Via):
"Whatever side Captain America was on [should win], because he's the best, pure-hearted person in the whole world."
So the godfather of the Marvel Universe is siding with my favorite hero? No, I'm definitely not feeling smug.

How do you feel? Does Stan Lee's input change your stance?

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@CalebOrr true, even though the ensemble is almost all there the Russos have been pretty clear about that
@shannonl5 yeah but at least the trailer seems to show they are doing a good job on focusing on cap
@CalebOrr haha it was like 2 minutes of either Bucky or angsting about Bucky... plus some other people XD
@shannonl5 there is nothing wrong with that
@CalebOrr oh for sure. I was very pleased ^_^