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This was an interesting article I found on click to see original article. This was not meant to offend anyone, nor to promote some odd fetishes with Asian particularly with Korean men. I for have been in interracial relationships and thought this was worth reading.
Just because....
I will say in my experience Korean guys are more shy or laid back.
I don't mind him playing oppa!
That's so cute... BUT the Korean guy I dated was not into that.
Yeah more presents and quality time!
Now this I have experienced. My friends thought is was strange....but it's not. In America we are taught texting or calling too much means you are thirsty (desperate), or stalking. In college I had the experience of dating a Korean guy from Korea. It was just his way of showing he was interested. Besides, I asked my female friends from Korea and they said it was totally normal.
Well, that any dude lol.
The guy I dated did take care of himself but he was not into wearing makeup and stuff. He did take care of his hair, hands, and feet. THANK GOD!
I was exposed to Korean lifestyle in college. I love it. I even make my own kimchi! Yummy!
What do you think? Anyone can leave a comment. I will say don't compare dating a real normal Korean guy to your bias. If you are dating a Korean guy due to your love of kpop or whatever let me stop you right there! You should date someone because you like them. Yes, it would be great to date our bias but...don't put that weight on any guys shoulders. @poojas @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @BlueBear07 @VIPforever123 @B2utyrise @B1A4BTS5ever @LaurnAntoine @AmbieB @Tigerlily84 @SarahHawkins @KaceyDodge @glostick @VixenViVi @VeronicaArtino @Marilovexoxo @Roxy1903 @LydiaPark14 @Allyphernelia @NSSagasshi @PassTheSuga
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@ckienitz most Asian men are shy. Sorry that didn't work out for you. I found interracial relationship quite interesting. For me its about the learning opportunity and the patience it requires from both sides. Good luck to ya
Haha @poojas I was thinking the same thing. I completely agree with @kpopandkimchi this is awesome but they are still stereotypes. not every black girl is ghetto, not every white girl wears uggs and lives on Starbucks, and not every Korean man is shy and affectionate. haha but I really did enjoy reading this. hopefully if I find a guy I'm attracted to (Korean or not) he can see beyond race... and won't want to date me out of some fetish or stereotypical misconception about how he thinks black girls are supposed to be.
@poojas I agree. Some are true but not all. I experienced some but not all. I only dated one guy from Korea. Now all the Asian guys I dated were Asian American and they were so not shy as ppl say Asian men can be. Everyone is different. This was just interesting to read. I still wonder where they got the information from.
well this would really be a treat only if there were any korean guys in my area XU