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I was tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever to make this card so here we go!
Full Name: Justina Nguyen Favorite K-pop group(s): These are just a few of my favorite groups (not solo artists otherwise my list would be a lot longer). Big bang, shinee, exo, bts, bap, block b, got7, ikon, 2nei Where I live: Near San Francisco What I want to be: A surgeon. I don't know what type yet, but being able to save someone's life has always been a dream of mine. Favorite food: I will eat almost anything. The only time I'll be picky is if meat has too much fat on it since the chewiness of fat makes me want to throw up. Hobbies: eating, sleeping, playing instruments (piano, guitar, drums), playing volleyball and soccer, listening to music, watching tv/anime 3 Likes: 1. Making new friends, whether it be in person or online 2. Baking, although I never eat what I make no matter how good it turns out 3. Sleeping 3 Dislikes: 1. The sound of metal scratching paper 2. People who are two faced- if you have something to day about me you should say it to my face 3. Disrespectful people Something about me: I'm a senior in high school (ugh college apps). I'm probably one of the most active lethargic people you'll ever meet like I'm constantly tired but I still go to practice for three hours after school. Every day. I joined vingle because I wanted to learn Korean but I've mostly been using it to rant or fangirl.
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i love it