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Block B US Tour!
Block B USA Tour!!
This tour is possible thanks to SubKultureEnt! follow them on social media and enter to win tickets to Block B concert in the US! SubK is an awesome company who knows what their doing and loves us Kpop fans! They were also in charge of BTS US Tour this past July! But its an easy contest so enter to win guys!
This is when tickets go on sale! I think I'll be going to the Chicago one! I think I've convinced my friend to go with me! ^^ If you don't know Block B, I recommend checking them out! I became their fan after seeing them perform at KCON and they were just awesome!! I really like a lot of their songs and they have a lot of talent, plus they're a bunch of cute dorks <3
Here's some gifs of Block B <3
B-Bomb <333
P.O. (the cutie in the middle)
Kyung! ^^
Omg same!! I absolutely fell in love with them because of kcon! They were hands down the best performance 😍
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@scarletmermaid so cute!!
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