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The me outside of Vingle

To all those that tagged me.
From: I live in Florida. Southern florida where i have never seen snow expect in movies and t.v
My favorite kpop groups:
Shinee( first love and ultimate bias group)
Cnblue( let me branch out to other groups)
Big bang

The only girl group:
After school
What i want to do???
Im going to college for business but for right now as a senior i dont really know.

Favorite food: the list is long so why dont i tell you the foods i dont like.
I do not like spicy foods.( i call myself a very bad guatemalan)
I dont really like fish. ( i used to but a summer of only fishing changed that)
Reading!!!! I love reading all kinds of books. I just love mangas.
Dancing. I know i cant but who cares
Singing. Used to be in my church's youth choir.
The dork in me loves learning new things.( i read the textbook for fun sometimes) knowledge is power they say.
3 likes dislikes:
1. My pets. The cat whiskers and the dog Heidi( named after a cartoon that my mother loved)
2. A guilty pleasure of mind is shipping character. ( kuroko basketball)
3. It's not like it's love.... God.

1. People who talk too much
2. Look at food above.
3. Don't know.
Something about me:
I am lazy to a fault ( lucky to have hard working friends that push me)
I forget things easily.
Have really bad eyesight. Meaning i can't find my glasses without my glasses.
I do not own the picture except that of my pets.
Thanks for reading this long post.
Please help me tag people. Thxs
this is great! your pets are adorable! its nice to learn a little more about you!
i like it
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