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To all those that tagged me. @B1A4BTS5ever Name:Deili Gomez From: I live in Florida. Southern florida where i have never seen snow expect in movies and t.v
My favorite kpop groups: Shinee( first love and ultimate bias group) Cnblue( let me branch out to other groups) Exo Big bang BtoB The only girl group: After school
What i want to do??? Im going to college for business but for right now as a senior i dont really know. Favorite food: the list is long so why dont i tell you the foods i dont like. I do not like spicy foods.( i call myself a very bad guatemalan) I dont really like fish. ( i used to but a summer of only fishing changed that)
Hobbies: Reading!!!! I love reading all kinds of books. I just love mangas. Dancing. I know i cant but who cares Singing. Used to be in my church's youth choir. The dork in me loves learning new things.( i read the textbook for fun sometimes) knowledge is power they say.
3 likes dislikes: Likes: 1. My pets. The cat whiskers and the dog Heidi( named after a cartoon that my mother loved) 2. A guilty pleasure of mind is shipping character. ( kuroko basketball) 3. It's not like it's love.... God. Dislikes: 1. People who talk too much 2. Look at food above. 3. Don't know.
Something about me: I am lazy to a fault ( lucky to have hard working friends that push me) I forget things easily. Have really bad eyesight. Meaning i can't find my glasses without my glasses.
I do not own the picture except that of my pets. Thanks for reading this long post. Please help me tag people. Thxs
i like it
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this is great! your pets are adorable! its nice to learn a little more about you!