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Full name- Rebecca Lee Brendemuehl is my english name and 이베키 is my Korean name my mom gave me!
My favorite kpop groups are B1A4, EXO, SEVENTEEN and BTS!! Buuuut...
My favorite American/non-kpop groups are The Monkees, Simon and Garfunkel, A$AP Rocky, Drake, and anything that basically isn't country!! LIKE DAVY JONES FROM THE MONKEES (picture 5/5) WAS SO CUTE OH MY GOODNESS
I live in a town in Texas, but I want to live in either Korea with my family or London or maybe somewhere else in Texas!!
When I grow up I want to be a criminal psychologist or just a clinical psychologist!!!
My favorite food is 팥빙수!!! (Korean shaved ice)
My hobbies include learning new languages, tennis, and playing instruments!! The languages I am fluent in are Korean and English and I'm also learning Spanish, French, and Swedish!! I am on my varsity tennis team which is 6A and I play the piano!!
I like TV shows like: That 70s Show, Criminal Minds, The Monkees, The Twilight Zone, and other things like that!! I like different music genres: classical, psychedelic, trap, hip-hop, ballads, oldies, etc lolol I like makeup also!! I don't like: cleaning, early mornings, and sweating lolol
Something about me: I am 6 feet tall and half Korean!!
I tag anyone who reads this!!
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@b1A4bts5ever *moved to tears* thank you oh goddess queen of queens your place is right in the circle of divine beings. I shall do my best to uphold my position in the heavenly community of vingle kpop. I hope I can live up to your expectations
@swaqmasterbecky whoops I tagged you wrong up there ummm well I apologize for the spam!!!
@b1A4bts5ever let's do this *powerpuff girl sequence commences*
@tayunnie yes i trust you my knight......dont let me down i believe in you *bro fists you* FIGHTING!!! :[]
@tayunnie Hahahah yess