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If you haven't seen the new mv yet, you're missing out. Not only is the song beautiful but the boys were on point. Just to show you what I mean, I made this card. Prepare yourself.
JB even looks hot when he's mad, how can someone be so beautiful. When he points to the depths of your soul.
Jackson. Enough said.
WTF Mark why?!? Why do you torture me like this?!? Why.
Just stop.
Jr, why you breaking heart?? Not cool.
He makes me want to die. Bambam, no.
I don't even care if he's underage. This boy is got it going on. Yugeom, call me noona.
Got7 is my bias group. Who's your Bias??
@Marilovexoxo I know. Yugeom had me thinking inappropriate thoughts with this video. How can you not though? ? He looks like such a man. 😘😘
@JustBrea I know I was like this is soo wrong but hes is so right hahaha he needs to stop
I love them all♡ But if I had to rank them 1.Jackson and JB ♥♡(too hard to choose because both have amazing personalities) 2.Young Jae & Junior (again too hard because I love these two!) 3.Mark hes too much for my heart 4.Bam bam my little baby who's all grown up now 5.Yugyuem definitely not a baby anymore either he killed me in this video! wish he was a little older though
Jb and Jackson lol i cant decide!