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I haven't been a GOT7 fan as long as some of you, but those of you who have been know that the boys have never had a win on any of the weekly music shows in the almost 2 years since they debuted. And, though it may not seem important to us international fans (or make much sense), these shows are very important to all Kpop groups.
I can't begin to go into detail on how you can help, but there is a great post which explains how to get a vote on several different platforms for the 3 big major music shows. FOLLOW THIS LINK on your laptop (I don't think they'll all work from a phone) I've been able to do a couple of these like the twitter posts and youtube views.
WHICH REMINDS ME!! The above photo is for Dance practices of "If You Do" to be released! Fans even get to suggest what the last one will be! I want it to be an dance version of the MV! I love those!
So keep watching the video, vote, and pray for victory!
@SusiBosshammer No problem! ^_^
@SusiBosshammer Ah I see. I would explain here but that would take a lot of time and I'm on my cell. I did make a post about it and the importance of these shows on my tumblr雼堦皜-頃橂┐if-you-do-mv-dearest-followers-i
oh Im new to this stuff. i mean i watched and listen to kpop but never been so invested in a group. So i dont even know what that is .
@SusiBosshammer that's different. that's for an award show. This about winning on Inkigayo and M Countdown.
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