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Full Name : Quenna Lacy Favorite Kpop Group(s) BTS Topp Dogg B1a4 Vixx Exo and More but these are my most favorite! Where do I live : Dallas Tx When I grow up: Own a kpop themes bakery tbh. lol Food: I love meat and Nachos but really almost every type of meat lol Hobbies: Doing Kpop covers Drawing anime Watching Horror Movies 3 Likes Dancing Drawing Baking 3 Dislikes Sasaeng fans Being used Romance Movies lol A Little about me My name is Quennie and I am 21 and A college student. Offfline I am very shy. Inlile to make sure everyone is happy too.I really Love doing custom made stuff. for Concerts i always decorate my own shirts (I'll show everything later. My Ultimate kpop bias is Kim Taehyung like omg. My #1 Favorite group is BTS. thats all i know to put haha so ill talk to anyone you can always just message me hehe okay bye bye!!
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