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I was tagged by @AimeeH of course! as well as @B1A4BTS5ever ! so here it goes.
My full name is Sharayah Dawn Todd. most people call me Shay. though i have a lot of other nicknames.
my favorite kpop group is Infinite followed closely by BigBang. I love them both very much. they make me smile.
I live in the beautiful state of Michigan, USA. Its dangerous, with no job market, but it has beautiful land, and it is home.
According to society i am already a grown up but i aspire to be a published author. I want to write books that touch peoples hearts. I wanna connect with people through my words on paper and let them travel to another world.
I have lots of favorite foods. French Toast, Crab Rangoons, Molten Lava Cake, and Angel Food Cake, are just a few.
my hobbies include, reading, writing, teaching myself Korean, chilling on vingle l, listening to kpop, and watching kdramas.
3likes: converse, wolves, and going to church 3 dislikes: conflict, sleeping with socks on, and eggnog
something about me: (its hard trying to think of things i havent mentioned in other cards already.) I am the Worship Leader at my church, i love to sing. Singing to God is when I feel most safe and peaceful and burdenless. (sorry if that got deep).
Well thats all folks! Thats a small slice of me. I'm not gonna tag anyone but feel free to participate so we can learn a little about you too! *hugs*
yay Michigan! I looooove crab rangoons too :D
@SharayahTodd I'll tag you in my post. No need to be sorry about getting into God. We all have our differences. Its good to know that our love of kpop has brought so many different people together.
why thank you! @AimeeH
I love this! ♡♡