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Please support this artist by visiting her site to see even more cool works. "I was born and raised in Alaska and am self taught. I just enjoy creating original, life-like fantasy creatures since age 18. I am dyslexic and consider it the greatest gift God has given me. Because of it, I can envision things differently. I view it not as a hindrance but an advantage." [http://wood-splitter-lee.deviantart.com/]
oh my.....did you go to "the island of doctor moreau" after you went to the grocery store today??.....im not sure what to think atm??? smh....*speechless*...im not sure if i should run for my life or pet it??? lolz
You should pet them! Ahahahaha! You are freaking awesome!!! You threw in a reference to Dr. Moreau. Too cool. It's amazing that she made sculptures that are so lifelike. So pretty.