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Hello Marvelers!

I think it's time for a fun game! Remember those long road trips where your only comfort was a book of mad libs? (These were the days before Gameboys and iPads... let's never go back to that please). They're really simple to play, but SO MUCH FUN. Here's how it works:

I have a story with a bunch of blanks you need to fill in. I'll give you a list of words that I need, and you'll leave them in the comments! I'll share the story when we're done.

Are you ready?

Here's what this Mad Lib needs:

1. adjective
2. -ing verb
3. noun
4. adjective
5. past-tense verb
6. noun
7. -ing verb
8. -ing verb
9. adjective
10. -ing verb
11. past tense verb
12. -ing verb
13. body part
14. noun
15. skill
16. skill
17. -ing verb
18. past tense verb
19. body part
20. weapon
Try to get as many as you can filled in! It's ok if there are doubles. I'll make it work ^_^
Just kidding. Or am I?
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Can I still do this?!
If not thrown these out! 1 -colorful 2. -comixing 3. -touched 6. -kittens 7. -leaving 8. -prancing 9. -glittery 11 -framed 12. -dancing 13. -knee 14. -fan 15. -archery 16. -sewing 17. -spinning 18. - jogged 19. -tongue 20. -katana@
@ButterflyBlu oh shoot I'm so sorry I missed yours! I'll add them to the one next week, I promise ^_^
@shannonl5 no worries, dear.