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Okay, I saw a few peeps doing this on here... figured I would too.
soooo, number 1... Cheyenne Jessee (probably guessed it by my username lol)
Fave Kpp group: BigBang VIXX MBLAQ GOT7 BTS B1A4 Fx many many more
USA, Tennessee
What do you want to be... Will be a Police k9 Trainer in four years
Fave food... Japanese and Chinese foods
Hobbies.... Dog shows, KPOP!
3 likes.... Leo, minions, and amazing mugs with sassy comments
3 dislikes... not being by my bias's side cooking auto correct (sorry for the ugly comment I couldnt find a cleaner one and it doesnt belong to me -credit to the person)
Something about me.... I have no kpop friends off of social media... :(
Its ok you'll find someone eventually kpop is growing due to good fans like us.
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you will find that kpoppers are discovered in the most unlikely places.
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