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It's like being asked to pick your favorite child!

Except it's not. Because they will NEVER KNOW! We hope.

It's gonna be okay Marvel fans.

We all pick favorites. So: no shame, no wrong answers. Who is yours?
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I'd have to look up dc comic heroes, I always get them mixed up with marvel lol ... Superman was my childhood favorite, I know that for sure
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@shannonl5 y would u want to tho lol
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@Matokokepa haha it's all good! I'll accept DCU actors as well because they're also pretty super XD @ChosenKnight fair enough. I am enjoying my heartbreak a lot haha
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Truly, as someone who studied acting from an Academy Awarding Winning Director/Producer as part of my formal education in Directing - we have to learn the various acting methods so we can better communicate with actors when directing them... a series of classed called "Directing the Actor"... I am very sensitive to authentic performances. It doesn't matter what method is employed so long as it works and the actor/actress is in the moment and they are lost in their character. That being said so many of the actors/actresses have done an amazing job bringing authentic, believable, and emotionally motivated performances to their characters. My list of best examples to date - Robert Downey Jr. has brought Tony Stark to life. His manic genius, his deep fears and sense of never wanting to grow up from being a lost child seeking a father's approval he can never have... Sebastian Stan - There's the physicality and brutality of what he has been turned into - but there's the deeper sense of loss and internal conflict that is unmistakable in his eyes. Mark Ruffalo - Although I have some trouble buying that he's a chemistry/biology genius - he brings the inner loathing, turmoil, pain, and gentle sincerity to the character that sorry for you Ed Norton fans - he just missed on all levels. Eric Bana is an AMAZING dramatic actor as Ang Lee is an amazing dramatic director - I really actually LOVED the substance and the dramatic/realistic take that Lee took for the first film - although the cinematographer in me HATED the comic strip panel treatment of the frame at times - it was a direct conflict/contrast to the dramatic believably of the story and acting. I think the editing of that film and the casting of Nick Nolte - and the one-sided heavy-handed antagonist treatment given to Sam Elliott (who is a damn fine dramatic actor - I have tons of respect for this man)... all conspired to undermine what could have been a great launch for an ongoing Hulk theatrical franchise. Ruffalo really owns the character now and I can't see anyone else taking that role over. He is my favorite Bruce Banner - I just wish he'd spend some time in a real lab as research for the "genius" role. He falls a little flat there for me. Chris Evans - Again - he's such a sincere and approachable actor - he's got the physical presence matched with the ability to convey and emote without over-doing it. True emotions are typically subtle and mostly visible in the eyes. Evans IS Captain America. Again, can't see anyone else owning that role. James McAvoy - Just as Sir Patrick Stewart brought his immense talent to bare in bringing Dr. Xavier to life - Jame McAvoy's incredible turn as the younger Xavier is inspired and breathtaking. I FEEL his pain when he says to Hugh Jackman, "I don't want your pain, I don't want your future..." He is simply a brilliant actor and a total joy to watch. Michael Fassbender - Like all of the "great ones" - those actors who do such amazing jobs embodying a character that they truly become the character and the character becomes them... this man has amazed me from the first time I saw him on the silver screen. He's an actor's actor. He's a director's dream. It's a nearly impossible task to upstage Sir Ian McKellen - who is without question (like his old friend in real life Sir Patrick Stewart) such an experienced and consummate professional that he is capable of true movie magic... becoming the characters he plays with such virtuoso authenticity that you believe they are real... but Fassbender not only held his own in the role of Magneto - he took ownership in a way that made us life Magneto... cheer for him... feel for him... love him. And want to see him redeemed and saved. That's not easy when McKellen's Magneto has been so loathsome and brutal (think about Magneto and Mystique's laughing and making fun of Rogue in the jet in X-2). Hugh Jackman - Let's face it - he is Wolverine. He's simply defined the character and in turn it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Forget the two horribly written Wolverine stand-alone films. He is an actor who shines - or outshines those around him when you drop him into an ensemble cast. In the first two X-Men films his physicality was matched by his seething pain and anger. He is a damned fine actor in addition to being an amazing physical actor. It's a hard thing to balance both... a good example is Keanu Reeves. Great physical actor. HORRIBLE dramatic actor. When Jackman steps down from Wolverine's role - who ever is tapped to take the role over is going to have very BIG claws to fill. And I could go on and on - but I want to mention one last actor who I have tons of affection and respect for. He's a drama guy who is so good at portraying complex - multi-faceted characters - Liev Schreiber - I loved his sarcastic and sadistic turn as Victor Creed. Victor is a sadist and is horribly twisted and I think that Liev perfectly captured that character. Too bad his performance was lost in such a poorly written and executed film - BTW - the kids running to the helicopter scene at the end of the Wolverine Origins film was by far the worst - the most poorly executed SFX shot I've seen in ANY of the recent Marvel films. It was so bad it was like SyFy channel "Wapagator vs. Giant Megladonasharkapus" bad. Anyway... Great card as usual!!!! I love stuff like this!
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@JonPatrickHyde thank you for sharing! I think the MCU has been very fortunate with their actors. Obviously it's partially by design, but after making movie after movie, I'm sure it's really tiring to carry the same role, and all of the people you listed have given very consistently good performances. I feel like movies like these often get overlooked because they're summer popcorn movies, but honestly roles like these are challenging. A lot of performances happen with a green screen or with a lot of starting and stopping for the special effects to be done well, which means a lot of imagination and creativity has to come from the actor. I've heard actors in movies like these be dismissed because "the special effects are doing all the work". And I won't dismiss the special effects team because obviously they're incredible, but without the actors carrying the performance it wouldn't be worth seeing. I'm also so glad you mentioned Sebastian Stan. Honestly every time he's on screen he breaks my heart. He's incredible.
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