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It's like being asked to pick your favorite child!

Except it's not. Because they will NEVER KNOW! We hope.

It's gonna be okay Marvel fans.

We all pick favorites. So: no shame, no wrong answers. Who is yours?
@YoSoySoysauce Chris Pratt is really incredible. He's clearly having a lot of fun! I'm a little bit jealous tbh hahaha. And yes, Sebastian Stan is AMAZING. Gosh. that moment in Winter Soldier right as Steve is falling and his eyes are so wide and AAAAAAAHHHH the tears are already falling. He did great work. @loftonc16 @ChosenKnight heck yeah! I'm all aboard the Ruffalo appreciation train. He's a lot more subtle than some of the other actors I think, and because he hasn't had a solo film I think it's harder to notice the great work he does?
@ChosenKnight @YoSoySoysauce yeah there were a lot of tough scenes in there and Sebastian Stan totally brought his A-game. It just means I'm going to be heartbroken forever haha
@shannonl5 I really like the way Bucky is portrayed as well. he's a great actor
@YoSoySoysauce SAME. It breaks my heart. Over and over and over again T_T I'm never getting over Bucky am I?
But I would have to agree with @ChosenKnight He portrays the Hulk really well.
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