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.http://m.vlive.tv/video/2158 This was the best thing ever!!! UP10TION is definitely high on my fave group list because they are all soo sweet , absolutely adorable and I love all of there personalities soo much♡♥ And I nearly died Kuhn looked soo good and my babies Hwanhee and Xiao were too cute for words. Sunyeol singing a thousand years killed me , jinhoo too cute in that hate , ughhhh I just love this group so much♡♡
My baby Hwanhee is soo perfect and he song this song amazingly♡
jinhoo♡ hes such a sweetheart and hes so cute!
Bit-to♡ he was soo cute and he was getting embarrassed and it was the cutest thing ever!
Kuhn♡♥aka the death of me hes too much for my heart
you guys definitely need to watch this !!
@VixenViVi Yes! cant forget about wei and wooshin too hes adorable♡
Kuhn, Bitto and Jinhoo are my loves XD oh and Wei lol They are all so adorbs
@Marilovexoxo yeah I surrender LOL!
@KellyOConnor yeah there's no point in resisting anymore I've learned that now so you might as well embrace it and let them ruin your life like the rest of the groups lol
@Marilovexoxo Girl I have a Samsung S5 with 32 gb of memory plus a 32 gb sd. I'm not sweating it lol
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