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.http://m.vlive.tv/video/2158 This was the best thing ever!!! UP10TION is definitely high on my fave group list because they are all soo sweet , absolutely adorable and I love all of there personalities soo much♡♥ And I nearly died Kuhn looked soo good and my babies Hwanhee and Xiao were too cute for words. Sunyeol singing a thousand years killed me , jinhoo too cute in that hate , ughhhh I just love this group so much♡♡
My baby Hwanhee is soo perfect and he song this song amazingly♡
jinhoo♡ hes such a sweetheart and hes so cute!
Bit-to♡ he was soo cute and he was getting embarrassed and it was the cutest thing ever!
Kuhn♡♥aka the death of me hes too much for my heart
you guys definitely need to watch this !!
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