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I can't take credit for these, but they're really funny so I wanted to share!! They were posted on Facebook by "More FM," but I think many (if not most) are Mitch Hedburg jokes. If anyone knows who made the graphics, please let me know because I'd like to give them credit!!

Anyway, here are some pretty weird, funny ways to look at food :)

And finally, my personal favorite...

So forget this "grocery shopping" nonsense! Next time you head to the supermarket, tell all your friends you're going to stock up on poop supplies! :D (@danidee why does this remind me of you? lololol)
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@SarahVonDorn yay i'm glad you liked it!! I was thinking about making some of my own, I just have to start thinking about food really creatively... which one was your favorite? :) @InPlainSight Hahahaha right?! Poop supplies!!! I am like a 5-year-old whenever poop jokes are mentioned. They kill me. 23 years of maturity right there.
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@allischaaff I am a sucker for a poop or fart joke...not literally...but ya know....
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that reminds me... I need to pick up some poop supplies....
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I have these weird thoughts every day. But mostly about cars, and how they're chairs on wheels lol hahahah this was such a funny card. I love it. It's like my mind lol
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Oh my god......the thing about McDonald's is so true. I need to stay away from it.......
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