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Good morning folks! How about a little bit of Man Crush Monday with a side of MUSCLES! ;) If you need some muscle inspiration, or you just like to drool over hot guys with muscles -- here's your chance. Here are some of the fittest celebrities! Most of them Mexican, all of them beautiful.
Please....guys....give me a big hug with your big muscley arms!!!!

Aaron Diaz

Diaz is born in Mexico and he is a actor, singer, and model. His abs are beautiful and maybe I want to knock on them..

Uriel del Toro

Uriel del Toro is also from Mexico. He is a model, singer, and an actor. He's 37 years old and beautiful! Can we please make pant suits and bare abs appropriate for work???

Aitor Ocio

Ocio was born in Spain and is a retired football (soccer) player. His arms are HUGE. And he's tatted? Come hug now.

Eugenio Siller

Siller is from Tampico, Mexico. He is a Mexican actor, singer, and model. Is it just me, or does it seem like all the hotties are from Mexico?! Hey there, Eugenio...hey...

Mario Lopez

You all know I had to include Mario Lopez to the list. He has one of the most impressive bodies in Hollywood! Lopez was born in San Diego, CA and his family are Mexican.
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Tattoo edition ! YESSSS!!! Plz.
@ButterflyBlu Lmao I knew you would be with me on this one.
Thank you!
Haha you're welcome!!!!! @MissVicky69
Well...I'm not here to check out these guys' bods but they're def motivating haha. I've been really lazy after summer vacation ended! You should also check out Lazar Angelov!