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Replace Your Alarm: Songs That'll Wake You Up!
So we covered songs that'll help you get to sleep, but what about the opposite? It's time to wake up and get chipper!
Here are a few songs that will make the horrific morning hours much better than before.
Use these tunes as your alarm, or just play them when you're getting ready.

1. You Only Live Once / The Strokes

This song is pure energy. The staccato drum beat will wake you up on impact. I am currently using this song as my alarm, and by the time Julian Casablancas' killer vocals come in, I am out of bed and ready to attack my day.
It's perfect for an early-morning dance party where you whirl around while your coffee is brewing. Gotta love those random instances of energy!

2. OK Go / Get Over It

Just like the first track, this one is a jolt of sound. If it's your alarm you'll be shocked out of bed, which is a must. These guys are most known for their amazing treadmill video which went viral in 2011, but their music is much more than that.
This track is ideal for a morning when you have a little death around the eyes. You know, that sleepy stuff that gets stuck? It means that you slept too hard. So get over it! And get on with your day.

3. This Is War / Thirty Seconds To Mars

This song will make you engage in an all-out attack on your day. What better to compel you to get out of bed than thousands of voices? The band enlisted a ton of fans to be featured on their album of the same title, and their presence is palpable in this arena ready track.
It's scream worthy chorus will have you ready for battle and if that's a battle with your own bed, so be it.

4. Somebody Told Me / The Killers

This modern classic's synth introduction will make you feel like you're waking up in a space-age day dream. It's a track that grabs your ears and never lets go. It'll be nearly impossible to sleep through. I dare you to ignore this song and hit the snooze button.
Put this one on when you're drifting back to sleep after your last alarm.

5. Victorious / Panic! at the Disco

This song is brand spanking new...like literally just came out, but its sing-songy vibe is perfect for the morning hours. It's an ideal song for getting ready for a night out, but that doesn't mean it won't super charge your morning. It's a chant, "We are victorious." How cool is that?
If you're looking for a pump-up track from this decade...look no further. Listen to it while you're checking your morning social media notifications, and plan for the amazing day you're going to have.

The morning doesn't have to own you...there are so many possibilities during the day. So go out there and have a good day!

Let me know if you try any of these songs and what their effect is! Let me know if you have any other playlist requests, and as always, have an amazing day.
Mine is 2ne1 's I am the best, and my dogs go nuts everytime they hear this song now... whether as an alarm or just playing in the car or on my phone.
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@JackieMurrayCab you know, I just heard that song for the first time the other day! The music video is fierce! It's great to have a go-to pump up track that you can rely on! I'll have to listen to it more :)
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