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Yup. It's half past strange o'clock.

There's just something about you. Maybe it's innate, maybe it's a choice. It doesn't matter what it is. You're just really, really weird. And truth be told, that's a good thing. Weird people see things differently, which means we can come up with solutions that no one else would dream of. We tell great stories. And we're all huge nerds. And nerdy is in now, right?

Heck yeah! Weirdos are the best.

So maybe you were the lonely kid sitting in the back of the classroom giggling about something that nobody else understood. Or maybe you were super popular, but you didn't know anyone who could understand your passion for comic books or Star Trek. Or you could have been someone in between, who just wanted someone to fangirl with. Whatever your thing is, it's time to celebrate it. What makes you weird?

It's time to shine! The weirder the better.

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Well when I was in elementary school, I was always waiting for the letter from Hogwarts..and when I didn't get my acceptance letter, I was pretty pissed off at my parents for being Muggles. I was a weird kid.
@mchlyang oh nooooo! If it's any comfort, you didn't get your letter because Voldemort and the Death Eaters destroyed all of the records of Muggle-born children.... I may have had a similar disappointment XD
@mchlyang lol that's the cutest darn thing ever. @shannonl5 as I told someone else, I simply don't get a choice. Weird is who I am. ^.~
@shannonl5 That just made me feel much better! Thank you @shannonl5! I really appreciate it.
@mchlyang I'm so glad!! That's what I'm here for ^_^ @ButterflyBlu haha honestly even if it was a choice I don't think I'd make a different one. Us weirdos have more fun!