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asddfghjklllll I am so happy with this! Best Friend- Key! We can shop together! He'll teach me girl dances and we can take the puppies on walks! Crush- Minho! It's just like real life >.< Secret Admirer- Onew! I must be doing ssomething right then! Steals my Ice cream- Onew! He wants my heart but he'll start with food! Fling with- Jong! Yes sir! anytime, really! Takes me out- Jong! As he should XD Takes you to the Bahamas- Onew! Trying to get brownie points >.< Boyfriend- Key! He beat the friend zone! Have Children with- Minho! 네!!! Baby Appa I LOVE YOU! Husband- Taemin! YOU SNEAKY MAKNAE!

So basically I'm with SHINee and it's super serious! ㅋㅋㅋ

@AimeeH made the game here!

Go find your shinee loves!

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@VixenViVi omh. Your phone legit knows what's up!! I love this!!