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Photographer: Victor Troyanov [victortroyanov.com] Western Breithorn, European Alps. It is considered to be the easiest 4,000-meter peak for climbing. This photo was taken from Central Breithorn. [Source: Nat Geo]
OMG!!!!! baby girl, look thats us at the peak!!!....see see see seeeee!!!....ppfftt, you were whining the whole hike b/c you forgot your camera and all this time victor documented our expedition, that damn stalker....how dare he not tell us he was filming....geeze, at least zoom in a little bit....smh...
Hahahahaha! Some of these comments you're leaving behind are like little stories. I love it! He is a stalker...I had no idea. But isn't it great?! I think we look fantastic. I read that this is actually a pretty easy climb, well...for people who know how to hike. (*≧▽≦)