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Pick your birth month and let's find out!

And yes, Deadpool is at the bottom glaring because he didn't make the list. What can I say? He's weirdly cheerful, despite all the bullet holes he's probably sporting.
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@LadyLuna @Helmsbram lol yeah I try to switch up the horoscopes so the signs don't get the same thing every time
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@LadyLuna well tomboys kick ass and I've been lucky to know a few. Really great friends but I'm a loner so I cut ties a lot @shannonl5 I would do that but I accept the positive and negative sides of my horoscope (mainly because I don't believe it and just check stuff for fun) It's just a hobby anyway
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@Helmsbram fair enough! Yeah I think that's the best way to look at them. They're fun but not something to plan your life around
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@shannonl5 usually people do that because of the wording. Sometimes it's dead on. Either way it's fun to see what people would associate with your sign. One with flowers kind of described me perfectly
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Moon Knight
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