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When it comes to contouring, the Kardashian sisters have it down packed.

When it comes to an amazing set of claws, one Jenner sister in particular takes the cake for amazing nails and of course, it is none other than Miss Kylie Jenner herself. Between her hair and her nails, I'm not quite sure which one she changes more frequently. What I will say is that she always makes sure she looks put together, as a lady should. This time around, Kylie opted for a rather girly set of nails and let's just say -- Mattel would be rather impressed.
If you follow Kylie's constant nail transformations than you know that often times she sticks to one color, but she decided to step out of the box a bit and go for Barbie inspired nail art created by nail artist, Britney Tokyo. I mean, it doesn't get much girlier than that. Not only do her Barbie inspired nails consist of a Barbie mural, but they are also filled with the Barbie logo, an "I [heart] Ken" bubble, her personal name, an image of Britney Spears herself, of course money signs and that is only the half of it. Sounds like a lot going on for just ten fingers, but I must admit it is rather cute in a pubescent teenage girl way.

Ladies, would you channel your inner girly girl with these Barbie inspired nails?