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There are a few things that are totally allowed at the gym. There is a certain culture at the gym, and with that comes a list of rules and etiquette. The gym -- scary to some, can actually be a place where you can find a great deal help, and maybe even find your community. Here are some things that are allowed at the gym, and even encouraged!

1) Asking For Help

You know those trainers at the gym? They are there for a reason. If they aren't with a client for a session, you're more than welcome to go up to them to ask for help. They can help show you how to use an equipment properly, where to find certain rooms or areas of the gym, or even give you some workout tips. Usually, trainers and those who work at the gym are more than happy to assist their gym members. From my personal experience, these guys are super helpful and nice!

2) Asking For A Spot

Are you getting ready to bench press or squat, but it's hella heavy? You can always ask a fellow gym member to spot you on your lift. I would say to ask someone who has done it before (there's a certain way to spot for each exercise/lift). Most people at the gym will spot you if you just ask. I once had a guy nervously ask me to help spot him for squat -- I was super happy (and honored) to be asked! We then became cool gym buds! Seriously, the worst answer you can get is "no" and it's either because they feel like they cannot handle the weight you want them to spot, or they're just jerks. However, most people will definitely be happy to help spot your lift.

3) Asking To Share Equipment/Space

Yes, you're definitely allowed to do this, especially if the gym is packed and busy. You can work in with someone. For example, if all of the squat racks are taken, ask if you may work in between sets. From my personal experience, most people are okay with it. I've had a number of people ask if they can work in with me. The gym can be a busy place, and even bros can understand that sharing is caring. Just be respectful and ask politely. :)
Yes fosho. Spotting is a great way to make friends at the gym!
Yes, I've met a few people that way!