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It's true, modeling comes with a lot of restrictions.

Luckily, if you know the right people you can work your way into the industry and on the runway. At least, that was the case for Lauren Levinson [Editor for PopSugar] who was connected to designer, Carrie Hammer. During New York Fashion Week, you had your models who were persecuted because of their size [being too thin and too thick], but Lauren who happens to be no taller than 5 feet 2 inches, had the opportunity to make her dreams come true.
While meeting Carrie Hammer while doing an assignment on her previous job for Time Out New York, these two ladies quickly bonded and formed a friendship. I guess it's true when they says, "get in where you fit in". When you have the right connections, anything is possible. That is why in this day and age, networking is extremely beneficial. Carrie asks, "Did you ever think one day I would be showing my fourth collection at Fashion Week and you'd be modeling in my show?" Her friend and model for her collection replies, "No, I did not think any of this would ever happen. And we're not dreaming."
Carrie is known for her Role Models on the Runway campaign which showcases some pretty amazing people you usually wouldn't catch on the runway including CEOs, transgender women, and those with disabilities. The fact that she has given others a chance to shine has definitely been extremely beneficial for her including a spot on the infamous Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

This just goes to show two important things:

1. You can be whoever and whatever you choose to be.
2. Networking definitely pays off in the long run.