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Friday, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Boehner resigned from his position and shocked the nation.
While his reasons aren’t entirely clear, the media likes to speculate about it. Maybe Boehner just couldn’t handle the republican extremists and got OUT while he could. Could it be that a party that once supported him shoved him into the ocean?
Also, check out the lovely @TessSteven’s card for a really cool perspective of the issue.
Cartoon by: Dave Granlund
It hasn’t happened yet @ButterflyBlu, and YES. I really do want to know what him and the Pope talked about. It’s so intriguing that after that talk THEN he decided to quit... so weird
I'm pretty sure we're going to see the government shut down again at this point. He was really the one trying to bridge that gap and now, they'll just revel in a pissing contest. It's incredibly unfortunate for those that work for the govt. (from afar - those in DC can sleep in the beds they've made). Don't we all wish we knew what was said in that conversation with the Pope? Then again, I don't want the burden.
Aw thanks for the shoutout. I think this cartoon is on the money. There is a line and I'm sure people around him crossed it.