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Kudos to Mattel for recognizing true beauty.

It wasn't that long ago that Zendaya was getting ridiculed for her 2015 Oscar's look consisting of a gorgeous dress and a head full of faux dreadlocks. While some believed the Disney star looked absolutely stunning, others including Giuliana Rancic [see clip here] had a lot to say. Rancic took to televisions popular Fashion Police mentioning that the young star "looked as if she'd smell like weed and patchouli oil" and let's just say the controversy was in the media for awhile.
Zendaya was honored at the Rock 'N Royals concert this past Saturday benefitting VH1's Save The Music Foundation in Los Angeles. It's so amazing that it hasn't even been one full year since the comment sparked controversy and the creator of Barbie has taken a negative and turned it into a positive creating a replica Barbie of Zendaya's Oscar look. Talk about an amazing moment in history.
There have been a couple previous African American women who had a Barbie created after them including both Brandy and Raven Symone, but there is something extremely liberating about this Zendaya Barbie. Maybe it's the fact that it's a way to say society doesn't know beauty or maybe it is a memorable reminder that with every negative comes a positive.
According to Zendaya, the doll means so much more than just a commemoration of her popular outfit. She says, "When I was little, I couldn't find a Barbie that looked like me, my ... how times have changed."
you are very welcome @marichel!!! @ChosenKnight I think this is so amazing and @nicolejb I think barbies with different shapes and sizes is an amazing idea!
I’d really love to see some barbies that have a variety of body shapes too @marichel! :D
Yeah that's one of the reasons why I shared it because of her statement I thought it was very sweet !!@nicolejb
Anytime :) I love what she about the Barbie: "When I was little, I couldn't find a Barbie that looked like me, my ... how times have changed.” <3 @marichel it’s all about representation!
Wow so nice!!! Thanks for sharing @jordanhamilton and thanks for sharing it with me @nicolejb
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