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The 'Captain America' actor sympathizes with his character's rival.

While it seems like fans are choosing sides already (Marvel's Civil War won't be released until May 2016), Evans saw both sides of the upcoming rift in the superhero universe (via):
"This is a tough thing. This is what made it so interesting while we were filming, and it’s hopefully what will make the movie great — nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. There’s no clear bad guy here. We both have a point of view, which is akin to most disagreements in life and politics."
He also went on to say that Captain America "is a good man and his moral compass is probably the cleanest," which means that one of our favorite characters is definitely in good hands. It's cool to see that the cast isn't picking sides. But we definitely are, right?
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@purplem00n23 lol it makes sense. In the films she has a much closer relationship to Cap than she does with Iron Man. I was definitely *looking* for reasons haha. In the comics it seemed to make a little more sense based on the way they built it up but it was still upsetting. I think it's mostly about what I said to @SierraWilson16 it's all because they feed on our tears T_T
See this is hard. Iron Man is one of my all time faves. But I agree with Cap on why it's all wrong. Either way, we should get a great story out of it.
@shannon15 yeah it is like that scene and I'll be there with u
@ButterflyBlu SO TRUE. A great story with lots of feels. Gosh it's got to be hard on you loving Iron Man but disagreeing with his choice! I can understand where he's coming from though, so there's that at least? @SierraWilson16 me next year: T_T
Same hun. I feel u