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Hello hello everyone, LiNaHyun here with something new. Since MVs that have been coming out lately have mostly been in boxes, I've decided to do something different. Pick my favorite song of the week! *throws confetti* Now I believe some other users have been doing this as well but I just wanted to pick my favorite song of the week and explain why, as well as break down dance (if there is one), concept, clothing and song.
Now as I have stated before, songs that are chosen will be broken down in four categories, dance, concept, clothing, and the song itself. Now anything I say, is just my honest opinion and its not meant to offend.
So the song I have chosen this week is~ *drumroll* Jessi's SSENUNNI!! Now I chose this song because, even though I loved a lot of songs that I listened to this week, SSENUNNI stood out to me, very much. It's a mix between typical K-Pop rap video and swag rap star. Jessi was just so fierce in this MV and for those who haven't watched it yet, I suggest you do so.
Now let's move on to the breakdown, first up, Dance.
Now, Jessi is a rapper so I don't expect her to bust out some crazy dance moves or any for that matter, just swag hip hop hands. I don't expect rappers to dance, as long as they do the swag hands, we're all good in the hood. But I was pleasantly surprised when she started dancing, even though the dance scenes were brief and it wasn't much of anything.
Next up, concept.
Okay, since this is Jessi's actual first on her own track, I don't expect some weird concept. She came out with a powerful, fierce, charismatic concept, which is great, I don't mind that at all. And boy, did she do this concept justice.
Next up, clothing. And trust me, I ALWAYS rip apart clothing in K-Pop ^^ (shoots myself in the head when I think of the Dream Girl era)
Now, I don't think the stylists did a bad job, the clothing just reminded me of Lee Hyori for some reason. Can no one agree with me?
*humming* Come, sing with me cuz the song is up next. (*.* oh Baekhyun~)
Okay, this song is very very catchy, I will start off with that, but it was annoying to me at first, it just gets stuck in your head. It's one of those songs, to me, that I will love for the first few months then never listen to again, its one of those. Jessi doesn't have a typical female rapper voice, which I appreciate a lot. A lot of female rappers that I have seen typically have a higher pitched voice, but Jessi is a little bit of a lower pitch, which isn't bad at all, I'm not saying its bad, its different which is a good thing.
Well that's done. Tell me what your favorite songs of the week are ^^ I think I will be choosing a song every Monday. So, see you next Music Monday everyone *blows kisses*
Omg just saw it, it's not my fav song but that shits gonna be in my head for days now haha oh god. it was good tho. she slayed the heck out of it
@DeadlyCyanide I have the video here in the song choosing card
@sherrysahar don't we all lol
I really want to know what she is actually saying Lol
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