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H&M has given us yet another reason to fall in love.

If you can't seem to get enough of H&M's trendy, yet affordable clothing and collaborations with some of the hottest designers in the industry, just wait because there's something even better. H&M's Close The Loop Campaign has surfaced on the internet causing a lot of noise and trust me, it's definitely good noise and a lot of it. The amazing brand has created an amazing video to promote their clothing recycling program that you won't want to miss out on.
Unlike any other brand you've ever seen, H&M has been one of the first brands to bring diversity to full circle. In this campaign video you will see everything that is not the norm in the world of fashion, but thanks to H&M they are changing that in hopes that this video will open eyes and hearts . From the women wearing their hijabs to plus size women and transgenders -- there is a little something for everybody. Check out the campaign commercial [seen below] to see the models who will soon become both game and name changers in the industry.

I mean seriously, how amazing was this?

And just a friendly reminder, recycle your clothes.