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Yoga & Plus-Size: Valerie Sagan Is Doing It!
Who says you can't be big, beautiful, AND flexible?! Valerie Sagan is a 27-year old yoga girl, who has proved to the world that plus-size girls can be active, too! Her goal is to find self-love through yoga. She is an Instagram celebrity, known as Big Gal Yoga, and she's trying to combat fatphobia.
Sagan is currently running a Go Fund Me event to raise money for her yoga teacher training.

"My practice is my own but I want to be able to help and inspire others as a teacher. To help encourage the people who never thought they could try yoga because they believed they had to look a certain way in society's view," Sagan writes.

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Yessssss so awesome!!! I love when people challenge body stereotypes head on!
2 years ago·Reply
This great!!!! People should not be self conscious about their body image when working out! Working out is for everyone!
2 years ago·Reply
Big, bad, and beautiful! She's amazing! I hope she gets to teach and inspire others like she dreams to do.
2 years ago·Reply
I wish I had her balance and confidence.
2 years ago·Reply
Your beautiful, girl!
2 years ago·Reply