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I am not one to show emotion… You can ask anyone who knows me lol Animation, though… Well, I mean who can say they never had an animated movie or show feel the feelsies…
Something about the goofiness, the feelings, the undisturbed beauty of its characters and scenes can make me feel warm in my “hollow tin chest.”

So here are 5 of the animated scenes that gave me feelsies:

Finding Nemo - No Eating Here Tonight

We have all had that "get fit" moment that will ultimately fail (for those of you who succeed, please keep it to yourself.) You want to look like a million bucks! Who better to motivate you than Dory?!

Hercules - Zero to Hero

I'm sorry but no one ever seems to remember this movie! or its soundtrack!! It was one of the greatest soundtracks I have ever heard. And who doesn't want to believe that they are the next big SH*T?!

The Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King

Greatest movie ever. Period. End. That is all. Oh, and yeah as I said before, who does not want to feel like they are the next...

Aladdin - A Whole New World

Damn, this is an embarrassing one. So yea, this is one of my guilty pleasure songs lol. Once you make it big, you need someone to flaunt it with right? lol

Naruto - Itachi Dies in Front of Sasuke

Speaking of love... There is no greater love than the one you have for your little brother or sister (or at least I have yet to discover it)... Yea, they may drive you crazy, and they are bat-shit crazy, but they are your little booger... Itachi, for those of you who don't know, sacrificed everything (his honor, reputation, family, lover, life) in order to protect his bat-shit crazy little brother, Sasuke (aren't I right @SunnyV?).
This card is a challenge to name 5 scenes that made you (@nicolejb, @vinmccarthy, @SunnyV, @poojas, @danidee) bawl like a baby, cackle like a hyena, generally feel the feelsies.
The rules are simple:
1) Pick 5 scenes.
2) Any scenes from any type of animated movie or show. Foreign or domestic.
3) Find videos or pics of that scene.
4) Bawl like a baby remembering.
5) Tag 5 people (only 5!) who NEED to do this!
Any questions?
This is awesome. ^.^
@shannonl5 it was so hard reducing them... I wanted to put in Pocahontas, Wall-E, One Piece, Princess Mononoke.... ahhh so many @VinMcCarthy Itachi... I could never leave him off any animated top list...
I love this! You picked some great scenes ^_^
@Goyo someone will. They always do. ;)
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