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*this card is a spinoff of the 'Dear Abby' advice column that was founded in 1956. I will be playing the role of Abby using an alias [see below] to answer the question being asked.* Dear Jewel, I've been talking to this guy for quite some time now. We met online, which is pretty much the norm these days. At first, it was strictly platonic, but then we started talking more and suddenly sparks begin to fly. We began talking on the phone and our texts went from a couple times per day to pretty much from sun up to sun down. I can't seem to get him off my mind and it seems to be the same for him, but he lives miles away. We both want to make something of this eventually, but I've never been in a long distance relationship and as much as I want to be open minded, I don't know if it is necessarily for me. I'm the type of woman who likes quality time in the physical sense and when you're involved in a LDR, you can't get that quality time when you want it. I'm learning to practice patience, but it's hard and I know if I do plan on pursuing this LDR than patience is something that I will definitely need a lot of. He seems like the perfect guy. Literally and I don't want to miss an amazing opportunity because I'm scared of a little distance. We have talked about traveling back and forth eventually, so that's a plus. I just don't know exactly what to do. Please help, I need it badly. --- Infatuated With A Guy Miles Away
Dear Infatuated With A Guy Miles Away, My first bit of advice for you is that you can't live in fear and you will never know unless you try. If you've never been in a LDR before than you don't know if it will flourish or not. If you are definitely interested in this guy, give it a chance. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Take it slow and take each day as it comes. Of course, it won't be easy, but nothing worth having comes easy. Learn to be patient and know that what is meant to be will always be. If he is willing to visit you and you are willing to do the same, that's great. You may not be able to see each other at the drop of a dime, but sometimes distance is good. You know they say, "distance makes the heart grow fonder." Maybe the distance between you two is a good thing. Think it out before you make any permanent decisions and just remember that, people don't come into your life on accident. I wish you the best. --- Jewel
thank you @allischaaff I def think they are doable it just takes a lot of patience, trust, love and communication. but if you have those things, there should be no problem if both parties are playing their role ♡
I've been contemplating an LDR too!! I appreciate your wisdom @jordanhamilton, I feel like it can kinda apply to my situation as well :)