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First off, I would like to thank @goyo for challenging me. Because Disney animated movies are probably my biggest guilty pleasure of all. I take the back, Pixar movies are definitely a guilty pleasure. Again, did I mention I love this challenge? How am I going to pick JUST FIVE.
Any whoooo here are the most feely-feel animated movie scenes that I love. Hope you all can reminisce and enjoy.

1. I’ll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan

This is pretty much self-explanatory right? Everyone should love this song. When I was in band camp in high school this was our percussion lines theme song. I learned all the word, and basically became “one of the dudes.” I’m pretty badass right?

2. Mufasa’s Death - Lion King

This one is a tear jerker people. And I know what you are thinking “Why is this your favorite?” Well, despite my natural tendency to be happy and peppy a lot of the time, I also like a dramatic plot and some emotions. This scene makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME.

3. Just Around the Riverbed - Pocahontas

So we know there are a lot of awful things wrong with this movie (from a critical movie watcher standpoint. @paulisaghost wrote a card about it HERE) but aside from that, this movie has a really good message. And it appeals to my curious and ambitious side. Hard working women where ya’ll at?

4. “Where’s My Super Suit?” - The Incredibles

Ok, it’s such a small scene away from the original narrative of The Incredibles. But man this scene is funny. He’s running around trying to save the world, and she’s arguing with him and you can’t help but giggle at the situation.

5. In Summer! - Frozen

Real talk: Olaf is one of the greatest characters that Disney created. Frozen is just as hyped up as it should be, and I’m in love with this song. It’s just so silly.
“Put me in Summer and I’ll be a....HAPPY SNOWMAN” If you don’t die of laugher you have no heart.
Alright homies. It’s your turn. Don’t let me down on this ;) @ButterflyBlu @InPlainSight @shannonl5 @DaniVO @loftonc16
Here are the rules for all those that I’m challenging. Otherwise you can check out the original HERE.
1) Pick 5 scenes. 2) Any scenes from any type of animated movie or show. Foreign or domestic. 3) Find videos or pics of that scene. 4) Ball like a baby remembering. 5) Tag 5 people (only 5!) who NEED to do this!

Go forth and conquer!

Yessss me too! "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all" @nicolejb
HAHA ain’t that the truth! I think it was the first Disney movie where I was like YAY GIRL POWER @shannonl5 @littlemaryk
@nicolejb @shannonl5 yall speak the truth
@nicolejb @littlemaryk pretty much every moment in Mulan is brilliant. I could probably do this challenge with just scenes from that movie XD
Yeah, I couldn’t have done this without putting some of Mulan in there. I almost got stumped though, Mushu has way to many good scenes. @littlemaryk
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