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Anyone going to the show in Las Vegas? My friend and I will be there and would be more than happy to meet some new people and hang out a bit. We were also invited to go to a korean bbq and Mabey karaoke. Sounds really good and like tons of fun. Hit me up :)
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Yes we should
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Where do you guys want to meet up?
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Headed to show now ... Like everything else in Vegas it take FOREVER to get anywhere. I missed sound check ... Ugh! But I get to see them in and hour!!! I'm wearing slit pants with straps on the side .... In GA floor seating ... Big hair and UV reactive outfit, red corset ... LETS HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! FANTASTIC BABY!!!!
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@prissymidnight I am almost there
2 years ago·Reply
@prissymidnight lucky I am in the seats!! 😢
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