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Open Letter To My Comic Book Hero
Dear Lobo A.K.A. Main Man, I just wanted to know how the bounty hunting business has been going for ya. I hope well since Hollywood hasn't been giving you much respect. I'm so relieved that Dwayne Johnson dropped out of the project and will not portray you. I'd rather have your movie stuck in development hell. LOL. I realize you're a busy bastich so I just wanna add one more thing. I think that whole fanboy voting when you fought Wolverine was utter nonsense. You should've won that fight, for real. Anyway, happy hunting and enjoy the entrails! Thanks for tagging me, @shannonl5!
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This is so great! I totally agree, he could have taken Wolverine. It would have been tough, but he could have. What a great challenge response! ^_^
@VinMcCarthy He is cool. Maybe I'm being too harsh. XD @shannonl5 Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I figured 'Bo isn't much of a reader so I kept it short. LOL!