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Hello Vinglers!
Another Day, Another Song! But todays card is a mix from my Animusic!~ collection and @poojas {MM} Challenge which you can find here. For those who want to participate as well.

This weeks Challenge is "Favorite Anime Ending"

Let's Go!

Never Say Never by Three Lights Down Kings (Durarara x2 Ten Ending)

One of the main reasons I ended up focusing so much in anime music. As soon as I heard this song I was hypnotized, I couldn't even concentrate on the anime (The anime is great BTW) because I wanted to listen to this song every time at the end. Not only that, the song just feels perfect with this specific anime, even though all Durarara songs are amazingly crafty and their animation for these MV always tell a story with the incredible songs as background. I just can't enough of this anime and these songs.
Full Song for your pleasure and thanks @poojas for challenging my specialty! But as I said "pfft ezpc~" lol
Hope You Enjoy!~
I saw the title and thought...Justin Bieber 0.o lol But nice song!
@poojas that..this is one of my favorites T.T