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I've been tagged by @poojas to do this challenge by @Goyo. You can find the challenge here if you want to participate as well.
I'm one of those guys who is looking for the feels but is never prepared for it. However, we have to admit these feelings make living and anime or anything just that much better.

Warning! There are spoilers ahead so as soon as you see something you haven't watched but are going to, just RUN! RUN THE HECK AWAY!

Toy Story 3 - Incinerator Scene

I ended up watching Toy Story 3 because of my little sister but man....before watching it, some people said be careful and even at the cinema some people were coming out with red eyes, and I wasn't prepared for this.... I never a story about toys could make me feel like this AT ALL. For those who have watched it knows what I mean. I could also go for when Andy leaves for college.

Pokemon - Ash's Butterfree

This has to be my first taste of the "Right in the feels". Even though I was a kid back then, I just couldn't stop crying. Damn it, I can't even stop crying right now as an adult.... Next slide before I dehydrate.

Angel Beats - Kanade Dissapears

If we're talking about the feels, Angel Beats has to be here. To be fair, I could've put any scene from Angel Beats and the feels would come out automatically. However, this scene marked the ending for the anime and it's different from the other people disappearing. Not only that, the soundtrack....that song hits you so hard you'll never ever forget this scene. No wonder no one has succeeded in the "No Cry Challenge" for this scene.

Charlotte - Ayumi's Death

I developed a sister complex for Ayumi in the first few episodes and I'm sure a lot of you can agree and see why I'm like this. I got the feels but I got so angry thinking to myself "Don't you dare Charlotte...." but it ended up happening anyways. I did finish the anime even though I was so mad at it, also because I wanted to see that this was all a dream.

Death Note - L's Death

How's this fair... Saddest moments for any Death Note fan but also one of the creepiest to some extent. It's like they don't even warn you for it and surprise PUNCH in the face... However, I do admit it gave Death Note a new sense of direction and we were always eager to see what was to come.

These are the people I challenge:

@poojas It was one of the hardest cards to make so far...T.T @Goyo Yeah probably, and same here only the original 151 my friend.
I finished Angel Beats and that scene has me feeling so bummed. I kinda wanted them to stay there together forever but then again I understood why they needed to go amd recycle. At least after credits they seemed to meet in the next life. Oh man Ls death was so shocking omg. and I concur with your feelings on Ayumi death. I had a feeling but I was so upset it happened nonetheless.
@VinMcCarthy @shannonl5 The tears wont dry...wont stop either...but I like it ;_;
THAT BUTTERFREE SCENE ALMSOT KILLED ME WHEN I WAS A KID OH MAN. Like seriously, the tears. the sadness. it was too real for me. ;_; awesome picks @RosePark. Now I need to go dry my face.
The only scene that made me sad for Angel Beats was Yui's disappearance. The baseball scene, Hinata's speech. "Even if you can’t walk or stand, or even you can’t have a kids! I’ll still marry you! I’ll always stay by your side. The Yui i met here isn’t fake. Its the real Yui. No matter where or how i meet you, I’ll fall in love with you. If I can meet you again, against the 6 billion to 1 odds and even if your body can’t move, I’LL MARRY YOU!! " *cue the waterworks* 😭😭😭 and ugh, Ayumi's death. I just woke up too.... Haha ;-;
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