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Im all about the all natural thing and I am proud of it. I maybe have only worn make up three times in my life and im 24. Natural hair, nails, etc.. I was In a store that had a sign that said "who wants to be all natural anymore"..is it not "in" anymore?..lol should i be plastering myself with make-up? Idk how anyone else feels, but that stores sales pitch is almost as sheisty as the tobacco company advertisements. First off, beauty is from within. Natural or "made up" ..you can be beautiful. But if you are speaking on appearance, go natural because then you can take all the credit when you are thrown a compliment. Ads have these women Changing themselves Tip: the girl in that ad is a model who gets paid to wear and do whatever some guy with a camera says. You are a person with self worth and all types of natural beauty, so let it show.
U are so true and as a teenage girl I know all too well what you mean. Its sad and I'm glad ur speaking up about it.
yesss.Thank You !! people think beauty is an image which leads them to covering their face with "plaster"... i love seeing a beautiful person with no make up and no cares of what anyone else thinks or says..
yes photoshop..which is fine if you dont use it to make yourself look like something that your not.. i dont uses make up, filters..none of that..but i love my tinted lip balms too girl!! lol
Ohhh, don't forget that Photoshop, too. You know those pics are airbrushed and shopped. Smh. And then you have young girls trying to figure out why they don't match up to that standard... Sad! I have to wear makeup for some performances, depending on what, where, and why. Outside of that, just going out, etc, I wear makeup maybe two, three times a year? (Special occasions) I just wear tinted lip balms. It seems to do fine for me. Lol. Confidence is key, imo. I haven't had any complaints (haha) and some people really prefer it.