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We all know the story:

The New York Mets clinched the playoffs this past weekend for the first time in 9 years.

The Mets roster this season is full of young players new to the league and new to the team. Indeed, only one player on today's Mets was with the team nine years ago: captain David Wright.
Things were different then. The Daily News, a NY-based paper, did a great report looking back at some of the Mets' key players this season and taking a look at where they were when the team last made the playoffs. Here are some of the highlights.
The Captain was just 23 at the time. He had a great season, batting .311 with 116 RBI. He struggled through the postseason, though - hopefully he can change things this time!

Noah Syndergaard was a freshman in high school. Imagine that!

Outfielder Curtis Granderson was finishing up his first season in the Majors at the time. He was playing with the Tigers in Detroit and helped lead the club to the World Series, though they eventually lost. Hopefully he can bring back some of that magic 9 years later!
The Mets' rookie outfielder Michael Conforto, one of the catalysts of this season's turnaround, was just 13 years old in 2006.

Two years earlier, he had played in the Little League World Series!

Now that's a guy who has been in the game from a young age. It must be a dream come true for him to be in the playoffs!
Veteran infielder Juan Uribe - who is in doubt for the playoffs due to injury - had already established himself as a Major League hitter. He hit 21 homers for the White Sox in 2006.

Can you imagine being a slugger 9 years ago, and still producing the same effect today? Uribe is ageless.

Speaking of ageless wonders, can anyone recognize the slim fella in the picture?

That's Bartolo Colon!

He was the reigning AL Cy Young winner, pitching for the Indians in Cleveland. He was injured for most of the 2006 season, unfortunately.
You can check out the full report here.

It's amazing to see the journey that these players have been through en route to this division title with the Mets. I'm sure a player like Ruben Tejada, 16 years old in 2006 and having just signed with the Mets organization, would never have imagined himself here nine years later!

I didnt know that Conforto played in the little league WS... that's awesome! David Wright was an animal at 23, 311 and 116 rbi.. sheesh!
Yo Colon looks mad slim in that pic haha. And yes. I would love to have Uribe on my team. He's looks like a jolly guy. Also, Wright looks mad young too......
and @mchlyang Uribe has been a great guy to watch for the past two months for sure.
@christianmordi yep! Imagine him alongside a young Jose Reyes... that was a hell of a team to watch growing up.